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Bug#252571: konqueror doesn't end process, so CD won't unmount

Package: konqueror
Version: 4:3.2.2-1

I think konqueror is locking up my CD drive because it doesn't end a process properly when it should. I get this when I do the following:

1) I have a link to my cd drive on my kde desktop
2) I have a CD in the drive
3) right-click on the desktop link, choose "open" (this will mount /cdrom and then open konqeror showing the contents of the CD)
4)  close that konqeror session
5) try to unmount /cdrom (I use the right-click -> unmount on the desktop link again)
6) it won't unmount because the device is busy.
7) it won't unmount forever until you reboot the computer

What took me awhile to figure is that if I open kde system guard there's still a konqueror process running even though I closed that konq window that was looking at the cd contents. If I kill that process I can then unmount the CD. presumably that process is locking the drive. I don't think that process should still be there - it should go when you close that window.



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