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CVS commit by mornfall: 

Refactor ListTreeWidget, make it play nice with the refactored Tree
/ Node / Grouper stuff. To explain more about the recent changes in Tree
construction/refresh process: I shunned the Feeder concept, replacing it
with NodeProducer; this pushes creation of TreeNodes into sooner phases
of construction. All groupers now operate on TreeNode pointers instead
of pkgCache::*Iterator. Also, the nodes are now more persistent, being
reconstructed only on pkgCache changes; groupers can operate on existing
trees now instead of constructing new ones every time.

  M +36 -9     libcapture/tree.cpp   1.6
  M +6 -0      libcapture/tree.h   1.5
  M +2 -3      libkapture/listtreeview.cpp   1.8
  M +62 -40    libkapture/listtreewidget.cpp   1.9
  M +8 -3      libkapture/listtreewidget.h   1.3

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