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Bug#126406: KPPP fixes, derived from #126406


Yes, I took the kdenetwork source, modified it, and built and tested kppp. 
Of course, further testing wouldn't hurt, but there isn't anything in 
these packaging changes that should break anything. Users who already 
have kppp working, having edited /etc/ppp/options to set "noauth", 
shouldn't notice a change.

Christopher Martin

On May 15, 2004 18:47, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> Christopher Martin writes:
> > Hello, Since the patches seem to be the best that we can do without
> > re-writing KPPP, could someone with access to the repository have a
> > look at them and commit them, or at least comment on them? It would
> > be great if we could get these changes into Sarge, since they do
> > simplify the setting up of dial-up considerably.
> Have you tested these patches ?  In any case, they look very good to
> me, but I don't dare to commit such a big patch myself ;)  Calc, what
> do you think ?
> cheers
> domi

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