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Re: kdemangen.pl

On Wed May 5 2004 23:10, Ben Burton wrote:
> > Well I know it's in cvs/kdesdk/scripts otherwise I wouldn't know it
> > existed.
> >
> > It's not in the Debian package kdesdk-scripts.
> This is because it's not installed by default (see
> kdesdk/scripts/Makefile.am).  My current policy with kdesdk-scripts is
> to only install the executable scripts that upstream has decided should be
> made available to the world at large (there's several other scripts also
> that aren't installed by default).
Ah, that explains it. Hopefully soon it'll be changed in the Makefile.am. 

> Note that you can always copy it from the kdesdk sources -- being a
> script it doesn't need to be compiled or anything.
Yeah, that's what I did. I wrote a patch for it too, as a crash-course in 

Thanks for answering. I hate sitting and wondering about stuff like that ;)

> Ben.

Zack Cerza	<zcerza@coe.neu.edu>
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