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Re: strange kdepim failure on m68k build

On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 09:44:35AM -0500, Joaquin Ortega wrote:
> Kdepim (kdepim_4:3.2.2-2)
> failed to build twice on the m68k buildd (kullervo.debian.org). It has
> been labeled as failed and won't be built automatically. The reason given
> on the log is
>  Ouch... tries to write outside build directory:

Because, indeed, it does: it tries to write to $HOME/.kde , which is
outside the build directory. That's not allowed; it's a bug (even if no
report has been filed).

> It has only failed in this architecture. Could it be  that kullervo ran
> out of disk space?

Unlikely; more likely is that other architectures happen to have a $HOME
which actually exists inside their buildd chroots. That doesn't make
your bug nonexisting there; it just happens not to hit it.

You should fix this.

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