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Bug#246210: Bug#246120: /usr/bin/svn-inject: svn-inject can't deal with tarballs without primary subdirectory

reassign 246210 svn-buildpackage
severity 246210 wishlist
tag 246210 patch

Eduard Bloch wrote:
If I provide an harmless patch to svn-inject to make the same circumventions, would you actually apply it ?

Yup, as clean perl code please.

Attached to this mail is a patch to svn-inject dealing with this bug. I just used dpkg-source instead of tar to get the upstream source tree along with the debian patched one.


--- /usr/bin/svn-inject	2004-03-09 23:48:57.000000000 +0900
+++ svn-inject	2004-04-30 00:24:00.000000000 +0900
@@ -136,8 +136,11 @@
 if($dscOrig) {
    # prepare the upstream source
    withecho "mkdir -p $package/branches/upstream";
-   chdir "$package/branches/upstream";
-   withecho "tar $TAR_QUIET -z -x -f $dscOrig";
+   mkdir "tmp";
+   chdir "tmp";
+   withecho "dpkg-source -x -sn -su $opt_dsc";
+   withecho "mv *.orig ../$package/branches/upstream";
+   chdir "../$package/branches/upstream";
    if(@difflist) {
       # .../upstream/ was empty
       withecho "mv * $upsVersion";
@@ -179,10 +182,7 @@
    withecho("svn", "-m", "$scriptname Forking to Trunk", "copy",
    "$opt_svnurl/$package/trunk", $SVN_QUIET);
-   mkdir "tmp";
    chdir "tmp";
-   withecho "dpkg-source -x $opt_dsc";
-   system "rm -f *.gz";
    # now use svn_load_dirs to upgrade the trunk fork to Debian versions.
    # For mergeWithUpstream mode, extract the interessting files to a new
    # directory and load this one instead

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