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Bug#246310: kopete: An internal Kopete error occurred while parsing a message:

Ah, thanks Riku, missed that one. It's definitely the most relevant 

Quoting the third post of the KDE bug Riku linked to:

"In Yahoo it is caused because the extended ASCII color information isn't 
all being stripped out when it should be. In Oscar it happens realted to 
the wrong codecs being chosen to decode messages. In IRC it happens for 
the same reason, but the wrong codecs are chosen based on different 
characteristics, since the server has no notion of codec. In the Crypto 
plugin it's related to the process of messages going through the process 
of encryption and decryption ... etc.... all very different."

Wow, what a mess. Like KDE #75497, we should probably use this Debian bug 
as the "sink" for all related bug reports.

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