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Re: konsole upgrade in debian /testing 28-04-2004

[Oops, forgot to CC the list on my reply to this fellow - he's received 
this message separately]


On April 28, 2004 06:36, you wrote:
> Problem: My konsole applications crashed when I tried to exit.
> Possible Solution: I have  seen  that the testing  distribution still
> points to  the  old konsole  ( 3.1.xx) . Also the unstable and sid
> distributions are not pointing to konsole 3.2.2-1. I have seen however
> that the release 3.3.2-1 was available and I have installed it (
> apt-get install konsole=4:3.2.2-1 ) and the new version is now working
> fine.

The new kdebase which contains this konsole (3.2.2) should be entering 
Testing within a day or two, so this problem should disappear then.

> Hope this helps a bit,
> Antonio Amorim
> PS: What is the best mail list to use for this kind of problems?

Well, for this sort of problem you would normally file a bug report, after 
checking to make sure the issue hasn't already been reported. To do this, 
you would go to www.debian.org/Bugs and follow the instructions there. If 
you just have a question on how to use KDE, then send it to 
debian-kde@lists.debian.org. This list, debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org, 
is mainly for development discussions and QA. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the information,
Christopher Martin

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