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Bug#246247: konsole 3.1.5-2 bug?

Package: konsole

Version: 3.1.5-2

Problem report:
Yesterday I ran apt-get upgrade after about a 1 week hiatus. I noticed during the upgrade run that various KDE components were upgraded. Among other things, KDE was upgraded to 3.2.2, and icons were also updated, including a new "hicolor" icon set, etc. I'm not sure if konsole itself was updated, however, the version is now 3.1.5-2

The problem is that konsole "exit" now fails (whether by typing "exit", closing the program window using "quit", or closing the window with the "Close" x). The bash session is killed, but the konsole window remains. The mouse/pointer is not active in the dead window. There are no error messages that I can see, and I have to kill the process manually.

Note that I do get the following error message when starting konsole, konqueror, and other KDE applications (from a console session):

kdecore (KIconLoader): WARNING: Icon directory /usr/share/icons/hicolor/ group 48x48/stock/object not valid.

System info:
Debian Testing
uname -r: 2.6.5_PRESARIO-ATHALON-a

Thanks for your attention,
Peter Yellman

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