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Bug#244465: Konqueror stopped handling html properly - possible package install bug?

package: Konqueror
version: 3.2.2

I've been having a problem with konqueror for several months, where when it tries to open an html document, an error comes up saying 'There appears to be a configuration error. You have associated Konqueror with text/html, but it can't handle this file type.'

This used to happen only when there was a file browsing tab open at the same time, so I just worked round it by having two seperate konqueror sessions open, one for each. Since I upgraded this weekend, it started happening every time I tried to click on a link in a web page.

This is fixed by opening the config window, clicking 'file associations', finding the association for text/html, clicking the 'embedding' tab, and changing 'left click action' from 'show file in seperate viewer' to 'show file in embedded viewer'.

Having put the setting right, uninstalling konqueror and reinstalling it doesn't change it back.

I'm not sure how it got this way, but I'm fairly certain I never changed this setting myself, so I'm reporting this as a possible packaging bug, with the fix, in case other people are having similar problems.

My guess is that one of the kde packages I installed when I first had the problem changed this setting, and it has persisted since then, so I'm sending it to you, rather than through the kde bugtracker.


andy baxter.

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