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Bug#244072: Acknowledgement (fatal server error: caught signal 11. Server aborting. XFREE86 and KDE problem)

Package: KDE
Version: 2.2.2

Message number 2:

I found that when removing 'DPMS' option from XF86Config-4 file, then
KDE starts correctly with extmod loaded.

I've tried 2 different monitors, assumed that it could be a DPMS problem
: Philips 14C, and a Compaq V50. with both it's the same problem on our
STX cards. KDE don't start. if DPMS disabled, KDE runs on these cards.

Here is what I saw about DPMS :
Short for Display Power Management Signaling, a <VESA.html>
<interface.html> <standard.html> that defines four power management
modes for <monitor.html> in idle state: on, stand-by, suspend and off.
Using DPMS, the display controller (typically the video card or chip
from which the monitor receives signals) sends a signal along two signal
lines - horizontal sync (h-sync) and vertical sync (v-sync) -- to the
monitor, instructing it to enter into one of the four power management
assuming that, I can't understand where could be the problem of aborting
the X server with DPMS. Does the monitor send back data through the sync
lines ? This seems to be a package from XFree86, is it corrected in
version 4.4.0 ?

There are 3 ways of resolving the problem :

1: understanding what is wrong on the electronic side of the board
regarding monitors (if no CRT monitor but an LCD display in digital
parallel mode or LVDS mode, what will happen ?)
2: correcting a problem in the VESA driver ? releasing XFree86 in 4.4.0
3: disabling DPMS (worst case)


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