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Bug#242603: konversation should be added to kdenetwork

[sorry for last message to the ML; bad "reply to list" key ;-)]

El Miércoles, 7 de Abril de 2004 18:16, Gal Ben-Haim escribió:
> the IRC client konversation should be added to kdenetwork, it's pretty
> easy and compfortable..

A konversation package has been uploaded to the archive one or two days ago. 
It will be available in the mirrors soon.

Including it or don't in kdenetwork, it's a decision of KDE release managers 
and konversation developers. It depends on how stable it is, and if it can 
follow the same release plans of KDE:

I suggest you to close the bug, because the only wishlist that can be 
addressed to debian mantainers, are packaging questions. They only can 
forward bugs to upstream developers, and this only consumes their time in 
working in the packages.

Thank you.

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