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Bug#231873: kmail : unknown errorcode 50, Sending of mail failed

* Cornelius Weiss [Sun, 21 Mar 2004 22:23:25 +0100]:
> Followup-For: Bug #231873

    I can't see the relation with #231873.

> This is the errormessage of kmail when trying to send a mail.
> Other users can send 8-bit messages to the mailserver!

    Other users who don't use KMail, right?

> Sending failed:
> Unknown error code 50
> Your server does not support sending of 8-bit messages.

    Or, at least, doesn't advertise so.

> Please use base64 or quoted-printable encoding.

    You configure that in: Settings -> Configure KMail -> Network ->
    Sending -> Message Property : Mime Compliant (Quoted printable).

> The following transport protocol was used:
> moni

    If you really *need* to send 8bit instead of Quoted-printable, talk
    to your mail admin. Or perhaps it's possible to force KMail to send
    in 8bit, but I'm unaware of this.


    N.B. (just in case): If you don't understand what all this is about,
    just follow the configuration steps I wrote above and you'll be fine.

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