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Bug#238227: kdesktop: drop shadow on desktop icon text is incomplete

Brian McGroarty writes:

> Package: kdesktop Version: 4:3.2.1-1 Severity: minor

> This will seem unbelievably petty, but once you notice it it may bug
> you. :)

> The drop shadow on fonts used on the desktop is incomplete. It seems
> that text is rendered in 8 positions around the original position to
> create a broad outline, but not in the center of the original
> position. The result is that if you use a font that has a 1-pixel
> period, it makes a hollow box for the shadow instead of a solid
> box. There is no way that shadow would match the period.

Can you provide a screenshot, because I don't see anything that
bothers me in the scenario you describe.


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