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Bug#237184: KDE_3_2_BRANCH: kdepim/knotes

CVS commit by domi: 

backport from HEAD:

  Finally fixed #72888, #73404, #75558: much more robust conversion of old 
  config files, now hopefully absolutely no black notes anymore.

  The reason for those was partly #68127 - a note's config was deleted, the
  note itself was kept. The next time KNotes is used it load the journal but
  obviously can't find the config. On quit only the minimal parameters were
  written (no version information) and the following restart of KNotes it
  thinks it found a KDE 1.x configuration. This is now fixed by examining
  the config files a bit better. 

CCMAIL: 72888@bugs.kde.org, 73404@bugs.kde.org, 75558@bugs.kde.org, 237184@bugs.debian.org

  M +50 -44    ChangeLog
  M +70 -70    knoteslegacy.cpp
  M +3 -3      knoteslegacy.h

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