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Bug#236550: (no subject)

R E Ceiver writes:

> Package: kcontrol Version: 3.1.5-2 Severity: minor

> kcontrol crashes if you choose SOUND+MULTIMEDIA => SYSTEM-SOUNDS
> Output from KDE Crash Handler cannot be provided, since the package
> I use is obviously compiled without debugging symbols.

I do not see this crash in current 3.2 packages.  Can you try the
procedure described in
http://www.kde-debian.org/~domi/debugging-kde-crash.html.  Note that
my debug packages are not updated to 3.2 yet, but they will be soon,
so if you still want to test the older versions, you'll have to be
fast ;)

> As far as I remember, the Control Center had another choice, in
> APPEARANCE+THEMES, which controlled the window-style. I couldn't
> find that in the current version.

No idea about that :)


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