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Bug#235347: poor package description

Package: kmilo
Severity: minor

I'm not happy with the KDE ad that is prepended to ever so much KDE
packages ("KDE is a powerful ..."). Perhaps it helps newbies, but when
browsing through k* packages in aptitude this bit gets old fast. It
could definitely benefit from debuzzing, and I'd move it down from the
first paragraph as well.

I could swallow my gripes with this if the package specific paragraph
were a bit more helpful. It's a poor short description, but in the
long description it really leaves too much questions open.

    KDE kded hardware support module. 

What's kded? It doesn't feature in any other package's description.
What hardware?
Do I need this package? No other package except the task-like kdeutils depends
on it.

Thank you for your time,

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