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Bug#232466: arts: Sound server fatal error: cpu overload, aborting (workaround)

On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 03:35, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> * Ross Boylan [Thu, 12 Feb 2004 15:11:25 -0800]:
> > A few seconds after KDE starts up I get a pop up window with "Error
> > "Sound server fatal error:
> > cpu overload, aborting"
>     I got one of these about two weeks ago.
> > Some clues:
> > The problem started coincident with upgrading to a new kernel (2.4.24,
> > Debianized) with a new alsa-source (1.0.1-1).  I also patches for
> > evms, device-mapper, i2c, and lm-sensors.
>     Yep, the culprit seems to be alsa 1.0.1. I did the very same
>     upgrade.
> > I recall reading on debian-kde there were some issues with alsa
> > support, but I can't find that now.  In the past it's worked fine,
> > though it may have been using the OSS compatibility layer.
>     I found that the problem, actually, was the OSS compatibility layer.
>     If you select in Control Panel -> ... -> Sound system -> Audio
>     device OSS or Autodetect, you get the error. If you select ALSA
>     there, if just works fine.
>     Seems like if there are some glitches with ALSA 1.0.1 OSS emulation,
>     or at least when mixed with arts.
>     Really can't say anything about the causes but just that ALSA as the
>     audio device solved the problem for me.
>     Cheers.

I can confirm this fix works for me too.
Setting Sound I/O to "Autodetect" or "OSS" produces the error (and does
really use a lot of CPU til it's killed).

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