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kdenonbeta/kdedebian/kapture [POSSIBLY UNSAFE]

CVS commit by mornfall: 

- implement package installation (well, it blocks for now (need
  asynchronization or something) but it works... (oh, and with apt-listchanges
  it sucks a bit right now))
- sketch a prototype of PkgManager::CommitStatus, that should be fed with info
  from the _commit routine and present this to user; also should handle "are
  you sure" type of thing)
- fix a segfault in upgrade when no package was selected (was a bug in

  A            libkapture/acqprogress.cpp   1.4 [POSSIBLY UNSAFE: printf] [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/acqprogress.h   1.5 [no copyright]
  M +245 -244  libcapture/pkgmanager.cpp   1.7
  M +43 -11    libcapture/pkgmanager.h   1.7
  M +1 -1      libkapture/kapturemanager.cpp   1.7
  M +1 -0      libkapture/pkgnodeview.cpp   1.2

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