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Bug#229078: /usr/bin/kwrite: printout cut off on left and right

Ross Boylan writes:

> Package: kate 
> Version: 4:3.1.3-1 
> Severity: normal File:
> /usr/bin/kwrite

> Using the Konqueror file browser I clicked on a text file and it
> brought it up in KWrite.  I printed it, requesting 2-up printing.  I
> left the default paper size, US Letter.

> The resulting printout was cut off by several characters on the left
> and the right.  The left hand side affected the banner and the text
> of the file; the right hand side I only know about because some of
> the banner was cut off.

> In both cases there was some white space showing on the paper in the
> margin, so possibly there are some printer limits that didn't make
> it all the way back through the different printing systems.

> Printer is an HP LaserJet 4100N, reached via CUPS, which is at
> version 1.1.20candidate6-6.  This is a mostly testing system, with
> KDE pulled in from unstable (awhile ago; I've not been tracking
> unstable).

> I suppose the real problem is not KWrite but something underneath;
> feel free to reclassify as appropriate.  I don't know what component
> is causing the problem, so I'm reporting the symptom.

> This is a major usability issue.  By the way, I printed the file
> from emacs without incident.

I'm not sure what printing system mozilla or emacs use.  Can you try
to print the text file with

   "cupsdoprint xxx.txt"

and see if the problem is present ?


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