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Bug#194248: kdesktop very slow to load

Tim Wright writes:

> I believe I'm seeing an instance of this bug. When logging in
> normally (via gdm) I get presented with a blank root window (with
> the nice standard X effect) and nothing happens for a few
> minutes. This is after the kde splash comes up and loads everything.

> So, I did a startx (after stopping gdm) and loaded the kde
> components manually. kwin and kicker started fine, as did
> klauncher. kdesktop takes *ages* to do anything, but eventually
> gives me a desktop I can use. top reports nothing hogging the CPU.

> It could be a blocked file read with a long timeout perhaps?

> This started happenning this morning. Last night it didn't
> happen. The only difference between last night and today is...last
> night I was at home..today I'm at work (it's a laptop). Last night I
> had an external monitor plugged in.

> After it started happenning I upgraded my X packages to
> experimental, this means that the 3D acelleration on my video card
> (ATO radeon 7500) is now working (XFree86 4.3.something). kdesktop
> still takes ages tho.


This is a pretty weird bug.

Are you also using KDE 2.* ?  Can you perhaps try if the problem also
occurs with unstable's or testing's kde packages ?


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