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Re: KDM slowdown in KDE 3.1 debian packages & solution

Helge Deller writes:

> I'm running KDE 3.1 on a slow machine (160MHz PA-RISC CPU) and
> noticed, that during startup of KDM krootimage is run twice and thus
> made the startup even slower.  

> /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc says:
> # If true, krootimage will be automatically started by
> # KDM. Otherwise, the Setup script should be used to setup the
> # background. Default is true UseBackground=false

> so changing (uncommenting) the line in /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc with
> "UseBackground" to "UseBackground=false" solved this performance
> problem without any regression.

I think you're right.  UseBackground should either be set to false, or
krootimage should be removed from Xsetup.  I vote for the second
thing, because otherwise the config option doesn't make much sense.


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