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Re: KDE 3.1.5 Status Update - 20040120

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On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:24 pm, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> Great, you seem to have fixed the gcj compilation stuff.

Wasn't hard, it basically worked out of the box once the autoconf stuff was 
fixed to look for gcj.

> I have been working on kdebindings packaging myself too a bit, can you
> please update your patch against KDE_3_1_BRANCH ?

Ok, new patch is at:

> There are fixes in there for various things like:
> 1 the kde C bindings are internal binding libs, not meant for external
>   use

I have gone through and made a bunch of changes that are needed for policy 

> have not heard from him since.  Do you think your code is usable for
> the general KDE release, or does it depend on Debian only stuff (
> which would not be the right thing to do, really, as other distro's
> also need java libs linked against gcj stuff, and it makes maintenance
> of the debian packages more difficult ).

Well, it shouldn't break anything - the only patch which applies to a file 
outside of debian/ is the patch to admin/acinclude.m4.in, to make the 
configure script's java test find the javac which is provided in debian's gcj 
package. The j2sdk copy of java will be used if it is found first.
There are also a couple of patches in debian/patches that possibly should be 
applied to the main tree as well (one adds an encoding option to javac's 
command line, the other moves dcop.py into the site-packages directory).

> Also, are you a DD, and do you intend to take up maintenance of
> kdebindings permanently ?   Cause that would rock, kdebindings is not
> receiving enough attention imho.

I'm a DD but not a KDE developer, so I can't commit to cvs. I guess I should 
probably go and ask for KDE cvs access if I want to look after this in the 
longer term.

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