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Re: KDE 3.1.5 Status Update -- 20040113

Chris Cheney wrote:
m68k	- failed - needs retry (waiting on qt-x11-free)
mips	- failed - ICE #226727

Please try to find a workaround for this ICE (or help find & fix it).
The GCC developers haven't tracked it down yet, which means it may well
not be fixed by sarge release time.  (Unless of course it's already
fixed, which can be tested by trying a newer gcc-3.3 package). It's also not top priority for GCC since gcc-3.3 is still producing silently wrong code in some situations (which comes first, of course). Possible workarounds include compiling with less optimization. Finding it, since it's a segfault, probably means running gdb on the cc1plus process. :-P

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