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Bug#227356: kdebase: Blue vertical lines in menues of KDE applications

Attached is a konqueror snapshot. Seems that the blue lines are not restricted 
to the menus, but also appear in other parts of the window.

Problem is weired from my point of view (I even installed GNOME right now, 
because there I did not find any problem like this, except if I start KDE 
applications within GNOME, then the problem is back). I give some random 
information which might or might not trigger something:

- The screenshot is from konqueror within GNOME
- Similar appearance (if not equivalent) when run within KDE
- use gdm as boot manager
- had on the same laptop a KDE 3.1.4 backport for woody and I had no problems 
at all
- I reinstalled the laptop some months ago with debian-installer (shortly 
before beta1 release). At that time KDE did not install at all (lm-sensor 
dependency problem). At that time I installed gdm/GNOME then.

Please let me know, if I can provide more information.


Am Dienstag, 13. Januar 2004 10:03 schrieb Dominique Devriese:
> Rainer Dorsch writes:
> > Package: kdebase Version: 4:3.1.4-2 Severity: important Tags: sid
> >
> >
> > On my system (Sony VAIO Laptop) KDE applications show up with blue
> > vertical lines in menus. When I run GNOME that happens only for KDE
> > applications all other applications seem to be ok. I don't know what
> > to submit, which helps solving that problem...please let me know
> > what you need. Maybe a screenshot would be a good start?
> Yes, that would help, cause I don't really see what you mean.  Can you
> submit it as an attachment ?
> thanks
> domi

Rainer Dorsch
Alzentalstr. 28
D-71083 Herrenberg
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