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Bug#212212: kdebase-bin: /usr/bin/kcheckpass has to be SUID root

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 09:20:51AM +0100, Boris Boehlen wrote:
> On my box kcheckpass must be SUID root because otherwise I can't
> authenticate using pam_unix2 which I need because of our NIS+
> environment.

Where is this pam_unix2 from? I recall this is a non-debian package,
and thus we really can't support all possible non-debian configurations.

I recommend usind dpkg-statoverride to setup kcheckpass as suid root
in that case.

> On my box I do not have "unix_chkpwd". Do I really need it? Does it
> work with pam_unix2?

that's in libpam-modules package here. I'm really curious how you can
survive without that, as even password depends on it. maybe we need to
add yeat another depency.

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