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kdenonbeta/kdedebian/kapture [POSSIBLY UNSAFE]

CVS commit by mornfall: 

- created new directory layout (see below)
- implement generic group-creating grouper (PkgGroupGrouper)
- reimplement PkgSectGrouper on top of PkgGroupGrouper
- implement proper PkgDepGrouper on top of PkgGroupGrouper
- implement PkgDepTGrouper to group dependencies by their type (Depends,
  Recommends, Suggests, Conflicts)
- implement PkgDepEndGrouper, an interface between IterDepend and IterPackage
  type groupers (uses PkgSimpleFeeder for now, doesn't support AllTargets, ie
  only SmartTargetPkg is shown)
- add constructTreeRoot () to PkgTreeFactory for creation of (now
  semi-special) root element of the tree
- make PkgDetails manage pkgRecords::Parser for current version and pass it
  around to it's children
- make PkgDetails KJanusWidget (with IconList face for now)
- implement first version of AcqStatus GUI, based on KMails ImapProgressDialog

libcapture/ --> set of generic data structures and algorithms for APT frontend
    building; will include all the code for building package trees, filtering,
    package download and installation, debtags and similar

libkapture/ --> library of UI elements building on top of libcapture; will
    include tree and icon view of packages, UI for managing filters and
    groupers, UI for showing package details (using januswidget), package
    installation wizard, progress widgets and more

(TODO) pkgpart/ --> simple kpart built on top of libkapture: allows for viewing
    one package and installing it; should use support of local repository from

(XXX: needed?) part/ --> more complex kpart showing an operationmenu, a set of
    package views (tabbed with operationmenu), one packagedetails view and
    forward/back buttons for navigation

kapture/ --> complex UI built on top of libkapture using kmdi; sports
    a set of package views in form of toolviews, arbitrary number of detail
    views in form of document views (ie tabbed, childframe or toplevel) and
    operationmenu toolview

I started to work on KMDI face for kapture. It turned out it's not feasible to
make MDI KPart, so i finally factored the code into proper libs/modules. Now
we have multiple "faces" for kapture, see above. With this commit, the code is
a bit confused... In kapture/, there lives the kpart shell as used in earlier
versions. This will be moved into part/ and kapture/ will be created from the
ground up as KMdi face for libkapture. It won't use the part/ or pkgpart/, but
will be complementing these. It will be the full-blown interface with support
for all the fancy layout and multi-view stuff we want. If you seek simple and
still quite useable interface, take a look at part/. I will try to keep part/
up-to-date, but well, it's not the main focus now. If you would like to help
maintaining it, you're welcome.

You will need to get a copy of qextmdi source from kdevelop cvs in
kdevelop/lib/qextmdi. Put it to this source directory under name qextmdi and
run "patch -p0 < qextmdi.diff". This should make it possible to compile and
run kapture under KDE 3.1. Your mileage may vary. You are welcome to report

CCMAIL: kde-debian-devel@kde.org

  A            qextmdi.diff   1.1
  A            libcapture/.cvsignore   1.1
  A            libcapture/Makefile.am   1.1
  A            libcapture/pkgfeeder.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libcapture/pkgfeeder.h   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkggrouper.cpp   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkggrouper.h   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgitem.h   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgmanager.cpp   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgmanager.h   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgsubtree.cpp   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgsubtree.h   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgtree.cpp   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgtree.h   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgtreefactory.h   1.1 [LGPL]
  A            libcapture/pkgtreeitem.cpp   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgtreeitem.h   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgtreenode.cpp   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/pkgtreenode.h   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/stl_util.cpp   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libcapture/stl_util.h   1.1 [LGPL (v2+)]
  A            libkapture/.cvsignore   1.1
  A            libkapture/Makefile.am   1.1
  A            libkapture/acqprogress.cpp   1.1 [POSSIBLY UNSAFE: printf] [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/acqprogress.h   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/kaptureconfig.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/kaptureconfig.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            libkapture/kaptureconfigbase.kcfgc   1.1
  A            libkapture/kapturemanager.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/kapturemanager.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            libkapture/operationmenu.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/operationmenu.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            libkapture/operationmenuui.ui   1.1
  A            libkapture/pkgdetails.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/pkgdetails.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            libkapture/pkgdetailscommon.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/pkgdetailscommon.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            libkapture/pkgdetailscommonui.ui   1.1
  A            libkapture/pkgdetailsdetails.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/pkgdetailsdetails.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            libkapture/pkgdetailsdetailsui.ui   1.1
  A            libkapture/pkglist.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/pkglist.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            libkapture/pkglistview.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/pkglistview.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            libkapture/pkglistviewui.ui   1.1
  A            libkapture/pkgview.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            libkapture/pkgview.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            libkapture/pkgviewui.ui   1.1
  A            part/.cvsignore   1.1
  A            part/Makefile.am   1.1
  A            part/kapture_part.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            part/kapture_part.desktop   1.1
  A            part/kapture_part.h   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            part/kapture_part.rc   1.1
  A            part/partview.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            part/partview.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            part/partviewui.ui   1.1
  A            tests/stl_util.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  M +5 -1      Makefile.am   1.2
  M +31 -0     README   1.3
  M +39 -11    TODO   1.4
  M +42 -0     configure.in.in   1.2
  M +1 -35     kapture/Makefile.am   1.7
  M +6 -4      kapture/kapture.cpp   1.3
  M +2 -2      kapture/kapture.h   1.2
  M +105 -20   kapture/mainview.cpp   1.7
  M +18 -5     kapture/mainview.h   1.5
  R            kapture/acqprogress.cc   1.1
  R            kapture/acqprogress.h   1.1
  R            kapture/kapture_part.cpp   1.9
  R            kapture/kapture_part.h   1.4
  R            kapture/kaptureconfig.cpp   1.1
  R            kapture/kaptureconfig.h   1.2
  R            kapture/kaptureconfigbase.kcfgc   1.1
  R            kapture/operationmenu.cpp   1.2
  R            kapture/operationmenu.h   1.2
  R            kapture/pkgdetails.cpp   1.5
  R            kapture/pkgdetails.h   1.4
  R            kapture/pkgdetailscommon.cpp   1.3
  R            kapture/pkgdetailscommon.h   1.3
  R            kapture/pkgdetailscommonui.ui   1.4
  R            kapture/pkgfeeder.cpp   1.3
  R            kapture/pkgfeeder.h   1.3
  R            kapture/pkggrouper.cpp   1.11
  R            kapture/pkggrouper.h   1.14
  R            kapture/pkglist.cpp   1.13
  R            kapture/pkglist.h   1.10
  R            kapture/pkglistview.cpp   1.4
  R            kapture/pkglistview.h   1.3
  R            kapture/pkglistviewui.ui   1.1
  R            kapture/pkgmanager.cpp   1.6
  R            kapture/pkgmanager.h   1.5
  R            kapture/pkgsubtree.cpp   1.7
  R            kapture/pkgsubtree.h   1.7
  R            kapture/pkgtree.cpp   1.11
  R            kapture/pkgtree.h   1.7
  R            kapture/pkgtreefactory.h   1.2
  R            kapture/pkgtreeitem.cpp   1.7
  R            kapture/pkgtreeitem.h   1.9
  R            kapture/pkgtreenode.cpp   1.3
  R            kapture/pkgtreenode.h   1.12
  R            kapture/pkgview.cpp   1.7
  R            kapture/pkgview.h   1.5
  R            kapture/pkgviewui.ui   1.3
  R            kapture/stl_test.cpp   1.2
  R            kapture/stl_util.cpp   1.6
  R            kapture/stl_util.h   1.1

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