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Re: KDE 3.1.4 Status Update - 20040106

>mips    - failed - needs the SYS_sysinfo fix [1]
>[1] - Was broken after supposed toolchain freeze by f*cking wonderful 
>toolchain changes.

Yeah, that one sucks a lot; I've noted some other packages it bites in the 
appropriate bug trail.  That one showed up in a supposed bug-fix-only release 
of glibc, which is especially galling.  glibc has been the most troublesome 
package for a very long time now.

I've been meaning to try to work on that bug myself,and not having a MIPS, it 
seemed it might not be the best use of my time, so I've been fighting with 
(upstream) GCC 3.4 configury issues instead.

>[0] -
>The failure above seem to be caused by:
>typedef unsigned long long __u64;
>Anyone happen to know if its safe to remove that or some other easy way to 
>work around it?

The 'conflicting' definition is "typedef long unsigned int __u64" from /usr/
include/asm/types.h (included via linux/cdrom.h).

Obviously __u64 is meant to be an unsigned 64-bit integer in both cases.

It looks like the 'other' (asm/types.h) definition is included in the same way 
from the same place on all arches.  If this is in fact the case, then it 
should be safe to remove the cdromAccess_Linux.cpp definition.

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