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Bug#223854: Need a keyboard layout switch when screen is locked

package kdesktop
tags 223854 +upstream
tags 223854 +fixed-upstream
severity 223854 wishlist
forwarded 223854 http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34921

Martin Tsachev writes:

> Sorry, I have the default keyboard layout shortcut at Ctrl-Alt-K and
> the lock screen at Ctrl-Alt-L so I probably switched to another
> layout before locking the screen.

> So the problem is actually that there has to be a shortcut for
> switching the keyboard layout before entering the password and also
> an icon which displays the current one would be good to remind you
> before typing in your password.


This bug was already reported upstream, and it has been fixed for KDE

> Feel free to change this bug's severity.  -- Martin Tsachev
> http://martin.f2o.org

Thanks for your help

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