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Bug#198306: logs for Bug#198306

Debian Bug Tracking System writes:

> Package: kicker Version: 4:3.1.2-1 Severity: important Tags:
> upstream

> When I execute a "normal" KDE program using kicker, the task bar
> freezes for the time until the application has really started.

> With "normal" programs I mean programs like "konsole" that don't
> just send a message to another component. An example for a
> non-"normal" program would be "kfmclient".

> With "has really started" I mean the time the first window of the
> application pops up.

> On my Duron-800, the freeze takes more than 6 seconds, which I find
> is too much.


Can you please give more information about what you mean by the task
bar freezing ( is it the entire panel at the bottom of the screen that
freezes, or just the part where you see the program's ? ), and about
how you try to start these applications ?


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