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kdedirs ugly hack patch to kstandarddirs.cpp

I noticed that the only way it seems to have more than one dir by
default in KDE that is a prefix is to use $KDEDIRS. However, we don't
really want Debian users to have to mess with that. So I was trying to
find a way to have both /usr and /usr/local usable for KDE and found
that there isn't a way currently in kstandarddirs.cpp to read the
KDEDIRS from kderc. Right now there is a hack (ifdef) to hardcode in
$exec_prefix if one is set so that not setting KDEDIR/S works. So I am
going to hack up an ugly patch to it to force looking in /usr/local as
well for Debian. Yes, I know its damn ugly. :(

Is there anyone here that knows kdelibs well enough to come up with a
clean solution to this for KDE 3.2 (and maybe 3.1 if time permits)?
Ideally it would possible to read a kdedirs, dir_prefix, or something to
that effect from /etc/kderc so that it doesn't need to be hardcoded into
the source.

Chris Cheney

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