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Critical Updates for Donarmstrong.Com

Hi Donarmstrong.Com Team,



My experts were analyzing your website and found that your website is not handling recent updates from search engines.


It’s a fact that having a website won’t make you bring in visitors. If you do not get higher search visibility, rankings, and organic search traffic, you may fall behind your competitors.


Google wants its visitors to have the best possible experience and these factors play an important role in determining your rank in SERP:

1. For most of the competitive keywords or phrases you rank beyond 100.
2. Your website is not ready for upcoming responsive design update.
3. So many technical errors present on your website making it difficult to index.
4. Lack of theme based quality back links.

We follow technically advanced and tested approach to adhere latest algorithmic updates. We will prepare an advanced digital marketing campaign to generate maximum traffic and enhance your ranking.

Sounds Interesting! Please reply us back and our PR executives will get in touch, with a detailed analysis report without any obligation.



Jason King

Marketing Consultant


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