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Stepping back from the Debian XML/SGML team, effectively orphaning all my packages (docbook*, xml-core, xmlto, etc. pp)


Hi everybody,

I was part of the Debian XML/SGML team [1] for quite some time and it
was fun maintaining the whole DocBook toolchain. Unfortunately I'm not
using it anymore and thus have lost interest in these packages. Now
after Jessie has been released, I'm finally stepping back as maintainer
and as a group member of the team.

This means, that all docbook*, sgml*, xml* packages are effectively
_orphaned_, because there isn't any other active member in this group
anymore (with the exception of the libxml2 maintainers and probably a
few other packages).

The good news is, most of the packages really don't require much
attention. There are packages, which have not been touched since Wheezy!
The exceptions probably are:

- docbook-xsl: active upstream, lots of minor fixes, very often used,
probably backports related
- xml-core: probably needs a rewrite to be policy compliant and to fix
#763598 - might be a good idea to change the catalog registration

There might be some more packages, which require serious attention.
There are also some RFHs open.

I'm hereby offering my help to everybody, who has interest in taking
over these packages, to ease the maintenance transition for at least a
month or two. Then I'm out :) Feel free to contact me, if you have any
questions, and to NMU these packages.

I hope, fresh blood will revive the team and lead to fresh ideas for the
policy, the catalog system and the whole XML/SGML core of Debian.

Regards, Daniel

[1] http://debian-xml-sgml.alioth.debian.org

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