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Bug#739497: reproducible.json now exists

On Donnerstag, 27. November 2014, Paul Wise wrote:
> The attached work-in-progress patch implements an action item (for
> blacklisted, FTBFS, unreproducible and unreproducible-with-buildinfo
> packages) and a link in the build cluster in the right column for all
> packages mentioned in the data.

Excellent, thanks for that! :)

> Remaining work:
>       * get some review on the approach and action item text

+        'FTBFS': '<a href="{url}">Fails to build</a> in reproducible build 
+        'reproducible': None,
+        'unreproducible': '<a href="{url}">Does not build reproducibly</a> 
and no build info is produced',
+        'unreproducible-with-buildinfo': '<a href="{url}">Does not build 
reproducibly</a> in reproducible build mode',

"in reproducible build mode" -> what is that? Maybe better just to use "fails 
to build reprodcibly"? Or maybe even "fails to build reproducibly in the 
jenkins.d.n reproducible build test seup"?

	Because: right now, it's a bit stressed to say a package (always) 
"builds reproducibly" - our test setup doesnt eg relies on identical host+user 
names, we don't if/which packages fail, if those are not identical. Maybe 
though these test constraints are sensible, but in any case I think we should 
describe them a bit....

"no build info is produced" -> "no .buildinfo file is produced". That's less 
descriptive and more factual.

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