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Bug#758107: tracker.debian.org: do not display section and priority of source packages

Control: tags -1 + newcomer

On Thu, 14 Aug 2014, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> tracker.debian.org shows the priority and section of the source package
> in the upper left corner (under "General").  We don't really care about
> these and all new source packages get the arbitrary value misc:extra (or
> contrib/misc:extra, non-free/misc:extra).  Old packages still might have
> different values, including "Priority: source" for many packages...
> It might not be helpful for tracker.d.o to show these.

Not displaying the data is trivially done by updating the template
distro_tracker/core/templates/core/panels/general.html but it's even
better to also completely drop the data from what's stored
in PackageExtractedInformation (under the 'general' key, see
UpdatePackageGeneralInformation class in

This a good task for a new contributor. Hence I'm volunteering
to mentor anyone who wants to tackle this.

How to contribute: https://tracker.debian.org/docs/contributing.html

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