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Bug#706228: PTS: Please provide a link to the NEWS file if it exists

Control: tag -1 + newcomer


On Fri, 26 Apr 2013, Mika Pflueger wrote:
> it would be really nice if it was possible to link to the NEWS file
> of a package in the PTS (probably near the link to the changelog). Often it
> is useful to know what /important/ happened to a package, if any.

tracker.debian.org already extracts multiple files per source packages
(via distro_tracker/extract_source_files/), it can easily be modified to
also extract "debian/NEWS". Unfortunately debian/NEWS is not necessarily
always the correct name, it can also be debian/<package>.NEWS.

So if we want to do this properly, we have to improve the source
extraction logic to handle those cases.

I don't think that we should aim to extract multiple NEWS files (i.e. one per
binary package) but we should just identify the best file and handle it as
if that was the NEWS file for the source package.

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