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Bug#770028: Please skip to the found bugs when clicking search

tags -1 moreinfo

Hi Goswin,

> When I search for bugs on http://udd.debian.org/bugs/ I have to scroll
> quite far down to the search button.

There is another search button/link in the navigation bar, it has the
same effect and is always reachable.

> When I click it the page reloads and is at the begining again. So I
> have to scroll a long way down again to see my search results.

It works fine here. I suppose you have javascript disabled, is it an
option to enable it? Can you give more information about the browser(s)
you use?

> It would be better if the page would load and skip diorectly to the
> results (using the #results tag).

The #results tags is reached using javascript in order to reach the
right position, after columns.js modifications.


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