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Bug#761149: debsources: allow redirects to package versions based on suite/codename

On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 06:30:45PM -0500, Jason Pleau wrote:
> Thanks for your feedback on this. I know how time consuming it can be
> to review someone else's code when they're new to a project, so please
> know I do appreciate it !

Likewise! :)

> The logical thing would be to create a separate table to allow the
> association between a suite and its aliases. I think it would ease the
> rest of the code since we'd let SQLAlchemy handle creating and saving
> the 'aliases' array.

I agree that would be the best design. I just didn't want to impose it
on you, but if you're motivated for changing the SQLAlchemy accordingly,
by all means go for it!

> Agreed about having the suites and their aliases auto-updated.
> I remember we talked about it a bit on #debian-qa with pabs, there was
> the possibility to use an API once it's finished:
> https://api.ftp-master.debian.org/suites

I think there are two separate concerns here.

One is automating the maintenance of Debsources configuration
information, even in presence of bugs that forces to hardcode release
names (e.g., #714726). This concern could be addressed using the API you

A different concern is interpreting information that we already have in
the mirrors anyhow (like suite "aliases") and injecting it in Debsources
database. This, I believe, is the concern that is at stake in this bug
report. There is no need of the ftp-master.d.o API to address it.

> If the API is not close to release, I can look into parsing Release
> files, are you aware of a parsing tool in python? I was looking at
> python-apt, but it seems to rely on a sources.list file, I don't think
> that's not what we need.

Debsources already depends on python-debian, which has support for
parsing all sort of Deb822-like files, including Release files. The
class you want for that is debian.deb822.Release.

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