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Bug#768943: qa.debian.org: Jenkins installation tests could try different partitioning schemes

Package: qa.debian.org
Severity: wishlist


after reading #768644 (that apparemntyl is caused by local
misconfiguration, but still), it occurred to me that it would be good
to automatically detect issues related to non-default
partitioning schemes.

An automated test could:

1. installs a clean testing and/or sid system
2. during installation, picks one of the automated partitioning
   schemes; the test matrix shall be expanded on that axis
3. boots the resulting system
4. checks that the system is fully booted and all services correctly
   started (e.g. with `systemctl is-system-running')

To which Holger replied (privately, but allowing me to quote his

> so far the g-i tests only test the default automatic partitioning. I'm 
> definitly interested to test (many) more, also raid + crypted lvm and what 
> not.
> but:
> before investing (seriously) more energy in the current g-i tests, I'd like to 
> switch them from my horrible bash script to tails' wonderful 
> libvirt+cucumber+sakuli based thing, which I plan to get done in November 
> (2014 :)
> So, give me some time and then please send me patches ;-) Or, remind me then 
> again. Or: file a bug against qa.debian.org now :)

Hence filing this bug report so this idea is not forgotten.


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