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Re: QA Uploads

On Thu, 18 Sep 2014 22:49:59 +0100,
Daniel Lintott<daniel@serverb.co.uk> wrote:

>As part of my effort to help in the QA Team (Thanks to Paul Wise for
>heads up), I have been looking at the QA package uploads.
>When preparing a QA upload would it be expected that the package be
>brought up to scratch (copyright, rules etc)? I know for NMU's the rule
>is no invasive changes.

You are free to do whatever changes to the package - since a QA upload
is done on a package without a maintainer, there is nobody who will get
annoyed by a change of packaging style or similar. The developers
reference say:

"QA uploads are very much like normal maintainer uploads: they may fix
anything, even minor issues; the version numbering is normal, and there
is no need to use a delayed upload."


-- Andreas Rönnquist

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