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Re: reportbug reports are not sent

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 5:45 PM, Chris Knadle wrote:

>   -  Using "regular" IMAP (i.e. not "disconnected" IMAP) is common, and
>      in that setup there are only mail indexes locally, and not actual mail
>      content.  I'm not sure how most MUAs would see an mbox or Maildir file
>      dropped to it in this case.

All the MUA's I've used have local mailboxes - drafts, templates etc
in addition to IMAP.

>   -  In the case of KMail2 mail storage is now done via Akonadi which
>      uses MySQL for storage, so its mail storage isn't in mbox or Maildir
>      anymore.  :-(

IIRC Akonadi is just an indexer, not a data store and is also
obsoleted by another system now. There should be a drafts folder for
it somewhere.

>   -  In the case of Kmail v1 the default location for mail storage was
>      in subdirectories under ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/ rather than under
>      ~/mail or ~/Mail like one would expect.  [For Debian this issue is
>      limited to Wheezy.]  The main point for mentioning this is that it's
>      not immediately obvious where to drop an email file to so that it
>      will be seen by every MUA.

Should be doable by checking various paths and also the user's desktop
settings to see which is preferred.

>   -  Users that exclusively use webmail won't see local mail.
>      Unfortunately getting to be common today.  :-(

Indeed, perhaps a browser API is needed for this. If not maybe
reportbug could write a HTML file that does some tricks and have the
browser load it.

>   -  Users that don't use email at all.  Might be alien to us in Debian
>      (or at least it surprises me), but that seems to be happening too.

Solvable too I think, some prior work on that:


> I've been using reportbug-ng (happily) and thus sending bug reports formatted
> by reportbug-ng using a normal mail client.  It detects locally installed MUAs
> (but it doesn't detect any of the webmail I occasionally use AFAICT).  It's
> definitely worth trying IMHO.

IIRC the webmail things are disabled in the code but work if you enable them.



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