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Bug#761697: DDPO: showing package adopted by third-party as being mine

On 15/09/14 21:41, Daniel Lintott wrote:
> Ah... Now I see... it's being picked up as being co-maintained. At a
> guess this is caused by the change of maintainer causing two email
> address in one of the DDPO databases.

Okay... I think I've unravelled what is happening here.

Because you *used* to upload the package (which is still in stable) DDPO
picks you up as an uploader (highlighted in blue)

Another example of this can be seen at [1] for the gns3 and dynamips
packages which I maintain now.

So the question here is whether a prior maintainer should still see the
package listed in their DDPO, whilst there name is present on the a
version of the package that exists in Debian (e.g. in stable)?



[1] https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=erik@debian.org

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