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Re: imtpfs error report

Dear Mr.Wise,

Replying may be out of order of this mailing-list's custom.
However I'd like to say 'Thank you'.
I can find helpful information at

It is going to take several hours to fix my trouble but seems enabling
to recover.

Best Regards,
Youichi Yamakawa

2014-09-07 (日) の 18:58 +0800 に Paul Wise さんは書きました:
> On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 3:56 PM, Youichi Yamakawa wrote:
> > Device 0 (VID=1bbb and PID=0167) is UNKNOWN.
> > Please report this VID/PID and the device model to the libmtp
> > development team
> Please follow the instructions under the "New Device?" section on this website:
> http://libmtp.sourceforge.net/
> > fuse: failed to exec fusermount: Permission denied
> Please contact Debian support channels to figure out the issue there:
> https://www.debian.org/support

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