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Bug#756117: Resurrecting patch-tracker.d.o

Hi Colin & Henri,

I saw on #debian-admin that both of you are interested in resurrecting
patch-tracker.debian.org. I don't know what are your plans but I would
like to suggest you to try to resurrect it within the context of
Distro-Tracker aka the software behind http://tracker.debian.org

Distro Tracker is already used by Kali and I expect more derivatives to
start using it once I have added some features that will help derivatives
to track their delta against Debian. It would be nice if they could
just get patch tracking for free...

This is still quite far from my top priorities so I won't make this happen
soon but if you want to work on it, you can count on my help to review
whatever you come up with and I would obviously deploy it on

To get you started with distro tracker:


PS: Since this was already part of my long term plan, I have an open bug
about this (I'm ccing it, https://bugs.debian.org/756117).
Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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