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Re: testing is missing from http://qa.debian.org/cgi-bin/dcontrol

Thank you very much for your reply!!

I do backports like Apache 2.4 for wheezy

I'd like to avoid `apt-get source` when discovering dsc file in testing:

# dirty parsing from packages.debian.org
DSCURL="$(wget -qO- "https://packages.debian.org/${SUITE}/${PKG}"; \
    | grep -o 'http.*\.dsc">\[' | cut -d'"' -f1)"

# use dget to download the source based on the dsc URL
dget -x "$DSCURL"

I'd like to use dcontrol which queries this service. Am I right?
Now that you've fixed the releases list

dcontrol libapache2-mod-macro@amd64/jessie
But this does NOT find the source package, e.g. libapache2-mod-macro has no dsc file beacuse it is a binary package.

Please advise something how to query a Debian database to get a certain package's source in a certain release without apt.
pkg-to-backport -> source pkg name -> dsc file -> sources
Thank you again!

Do you anything about the SOAP API development?
Or is there the aswer here?

Idézem/Quoting Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org>:

Re: Szépe Viktor 2014-05-15 <20140515205144.Horde.rdnE7Ey9mO4Xw-gWpRCJuQ9@szepe.net>
Dear Christoph!

Excuse me for asking. Is it possible that jessie/testing is missing
from http://qa.debian.org/cgi-bin/dcontrol ?

Unfortunately, the packagelist importer there doesn't discover new
suites by itself yet. Run manually now.

Out of interest, what are you using this service for? As I wasn't
aware of anyone using it (the only user I knew switched to something
else), we were actually considering shutting it down.

cb@df7cb.de | http://www.df7cb.de/

Szépe Viktor
+36-20-4242498  sms@szepe.net  skype: szepe.viktor
Budapest, XX. kerület

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