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ignoring bugs with no maintainer (Re: Removal of emacs23 from unstable/testing)

Hi Rob,

On Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014, Rob Browning wrote:
> If we can, I'd like to remove emacs23 from unstable/testing before the
> freeze.  To make that possible, any relevant packages will need to
> migrate to emacs24, or just include support for emacs24.

what's your plan for dealing with old bugs against emacs23? 

I'm asking because I can see plenty of bugs against emacs20 (11 bugs), emacs21 
(99) and emacs22 (62) have not been reassigned to the emacs23 source package 
but are left rotting in the corner of the BTS which is called "packages 
maintained by no one", (in)"visible" at https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-

The newest (#575370) is from March 2010 and without maintainer reaction.

I believe all those bugs should be either reassigned to emacs23 (and soon 24) 
or just be closed with an informal message, also offering to reopen and 
reassign to emacs23/24 if applicable. Do you agree? If not, what do you 
propose to do with these bugs?

Having these bugs rott in a corner of the BTS almost nobody ever looks at is a 
disservice to our users. IMO there should be 0 bugs open against 

Oh, and emacs bugs "only" make up 20% of those bugs... IMO all should be dealt 
with, i just picked emacs as the emacs23 removal announce mail reminded me...


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