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UDD's DEHS reimplementation, FTP upstreams and GPG signature checking

Hi folks,

UDD's DEHS reimplementation seems to fail for two distinct usecases: FTP
connections that need active mode are failing (for instance a lot of the KDE
team watch files are failing), and the uscan version installed on ullmann
doesn't understand the gpg signature checking and fails with an error. Both
those issues make the (very useful) DMD a bit redder than necessary.

The first issue can be solved two ways: enabling the conntrack on ftp
connections in the firewall, or adding --pasv to the uscan invocation (which
will fail if the ftp server doesn't support passive mode, but that's a bit
crazy anyway).

The second issue would be fixed by using a backported uscan on ullmann. That
might have other ramifications though, and I can't clean up afterwards so I
won't request it directly.

Once those two things are fixed, one should trigger a full run of that script
to cleanup the database.

Nicolas Dandrimont

BOFH excuse #343:
The ATM board has run out of 10 pound notes.  We are having a whip round to
refill it, care to contribute ?

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