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Bug#746621: DDPO: Integrate Piuparts (w/ patches)


On Freitag, 2. Mai 2014, David Steele wrote:
> Piuparts has a new summary file format, visible at
> https://piuparts.debian.org/summary.json.

please note that I've just changed the piuparts URLs within the .json file 
from http to https - I don't think it should change things, but I thought I'd 
let you know anyway.

(As a side comment: I hardcoded this (choice of protocal) as a.) I'm lazy b.) 
everybody should use https c.) it was a one byte change as opposed to 200 or 
so for doing it properly. Patches to fix this properly are much welcome as I 
now feel bad for pushing such a hack. I'll reply to this to the piuparts devel 
list only...)

> The attached patches use that data to integrate piuparts into the DDPO
> report, to the right of the lintian results.

I think that's an excellent idea, but cannot comment on the DDPO code :)


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