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Bug#702087: UDD: vcs importer broken since PET moved to alioth


in the past I did some investigation into this and here is the status quo:

In 2012-10, PET was migrated from a private machine to an Alioth machine.

Since that migration, UDD (on ullmann.d.o) cannot access PET (on wagner.d.o) A
solution consisting of adding the following entries into pg_hba.conf has been
proposed [1]:

# access as guest to pet from udd.debian.org
host    pet             guest         trust
host    pet             guest           2607:f8f0:610:4000:6564:a62:ce0c:138d/128 trust

but it turns out that this is only part of the proglem.

The Alioth administrators have identified the root cause to be firewall rules
implemented by the hosting partner hosting wagner.d.o.  The Alioth
administrators have contacted the hosting partner to seek modification of the
firewall rules but do not know when the partner will execute the necessary

It might make sense to consider different means to inject PET data into UDD
than relying on the direct postgresql connection (some intermediate data file
copied via rsync comes to mind.)

The intention of this bug report it to record the existence of the connection
problem between UDD and PET as it pertains to the QA project. 

Alternative solutions are welcome to be registered against this bug so that we
may discuss them.

Kind regards


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-qa/2012/10/msg00048.html


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