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automated tests or builds for d-i


<h01ger> so http://jenkins.debian.net is setup up now, with autogenerated jobs 
and mostly doing installation tests in chroots at the moment. (*)

 so i'm wondering what i can run there to test d-i development. i do plan to 
installs of various cd media and to do installs in various languages (+other 
task testing), but for that i will first need to write code to to fire up VM 
instances and delete them again... 

so i'm lucking for an easier target first: automatic d-i-manual builds 
triggered on every commit to svn trunk? would that be useful?

what about package builds?

anything other ideas?


*) code is in a personal git repo on alioth, more documentation pending. this 
is the doc there is so far: http://jenkins.debian.net/userContent/about.html

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